About Amelia – Kid Entrepreneur

Amelia has always been a creator and designer, and is now trying the role of kid entrepreneur.

Her creative bent showed up when she wanted to make soup when she was only six months old and has continued as she got older.  She’s designed Christmas presents for her parents, created enough artwork to fill a museum, and built anything she could imagine.

This site is her response to a challenge given to her by her Dad.  That challenge was, “Find a business idea and carry it through.”  Her Dad’s idea was to build a spirit of entrepreneurship that would help her later in life.  Since she’s always loved creating it made sense to Amelia to try to turn that into a business.  She joined the ranks of kid entrepreneurs when she was 11 years old, in 2017.

You can find both handmade and print-on-demand products here.  Handmade products are created and shipped by Amelia herself.  Print-on-demand products are created and shipped by another company, such as Cafe Press.

You can purchase Dangles online via the Dream Designs Ohio shop.