Amelia’s Products on CafePress
iPad Sleeve Potted Flowers
iPhone Case Potted Flowers
Heart Necklace Potted Flowers
Shower Curtain Potted Flowers
Heart Earrings Potted Flowers
Girl Detective Lunch Bag
Girl Detective Keepsake Box
Girl Detective Twin Duvet

Amelia has put some of her art up on CafePress where you can order a wide variety of products printed with her art.

The sidebar at the left will highlight some of her favorite print on demand designs, such as the iPhone case, iPad sleeve, the necklace, the lunch bag, and more.

You  can click through to get to her full CafePress store where you’ll find a huge variety of products featuring her artwork.  We’ll add more products to that store as Amelia creates more art that’s suitable for print on demand.